Endorsements for Gary Scarpello

The following are a sampling of endorsements for my work as Ward 3 Commissioner. They come from all the differing political parties found in Upper Dublin. Thank you for your support. If you would like to add your endorsement please email them to:
If you would like to help my campaign, please visit my website, Friends of Gary Scarpello at: www.GaryScarpello.com

William Chambley, Willow Manor: I would like to make an endorsement for Commissioner Gary Scarpello. I have been a resident of Upper Dublin for over forty years. Gary Scarpello is the best commissioner that I have ever seen. He constantly works hard to make our township a great place to live. Speaking for both my neighbors and myself, he responds quickly to our requests and questions. Gary does an outstanding job of communicating what is happening in our township and what he is doing as our commissioner. I hope he does not move out of my ward.

John F Carabello DMD, Full Colonel Army Reserve Retired, Regency: Gary you have worked with our State Representatives, the Governor, and Aqua in a tireless manner to insure that the Residents of Upper Dublin have the highest quality of water for their consumption. The Residents of Upper Dublin are very grateful for your efforts on our behalf.

Ruth Hopkins, Aidenn Lair: Gary has been a very active and responsive commissioner who cares about our community and gets things done. I encourage you to support his re-election!

Pat McGee, Aidenn Lair: I have voted in Ward 3 since 1972 and have never had a Commissioner who communicates with the voters as well as Gary Scarpello.  He is the best communicator who represents my district since I moved in. Gary seems sincerely interested in understanding what his constituents want and need and doing his best as their representative. Thank you for the GREAT job that you do!

Steve Laraio, Willow Manor: Gary, your communication continues to be top notch, much better than what we typically find.  Also appreciate the frequency of your messages.  We're grateful to live in a township that attracts respected businesses like Toll Brothers.

Norm Gross, Regency: I sincerely appreciate your willingness to effectively communicate with your constituents and your encouragement of two-way communication.

Tom Domalesky, Willow Manor: I met Gary Scarpello a few years ago, when he first ran for the position of Upper Dublin Commissioner. Since then I have contacted Gary numerous times regarding concerns to me as a resident of Ward 3. Gary has always listened to my concerns and either answered my questions or taken action to resolve my issues in a timely manner. In short, he has always been there when needed and has served as a Commissioner in a professional manner. Based upon my experiences with Gary Scarpello, as a Commissioner, I strongly endorse the work he is doing for the Upper Dublin Community. In my opinion, we are very fortunate to have someone of Gary Scarpello's caliber to be a Commissioner in Upper Dublin.

Michael Paston, Dublin Hunt: Gary Scarpello has done a great job representing our ward over the last four years. From construction updates to water issues he disseminates up to the minute useful information to his constituents. I support Gary in his run for a second term.

Ellen Toplin, UD Resident: I am grateful for Gary’s efforts with the BOC to establish the Human Relations Commission protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community in UD.

Jim Hatch, Dublin Hunt: All politics is local, they say.  Local politics is personal, I say.  Gary Scarpello understands that.  He knows how to provide citizens with a personal style of service. He handles issues that affect us collectively, like water quality, taxes, or local development with knowledge and sensitivity to all points of view.  Gary is not afraid to advocate for individuals when things go awry with our local township officials. He gets problems fixed.  Thanks, Gary!

JoAnn Fahey and Sam Costanzo, Willow Manor: Thank you Gary for your continued hard work on the PFAS issue.  Also, thank you for your quick responses to any issue or question that we have presented to you.  It is greatly appreciated!  

Ellen Strange, Aidenn Lair: Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you are doing, Gary. All these updates are appreciated!!

Jessica Davis, Aidenn Lair:
Gary has been a great commissioner for the community and for me. As a resident and citizen, I often have questions about what projects are happening, and I sometimes question why things were done one way or another. I feel comfortable bringing my concerns to Gary, and I always find that he has already done considerable research about Upper Dublin issues before I even think of them. He brings up points I had not considered. I know that he is listening to my concerns and needs. I know that any conclusions he reaches are very well considered and thoughtful conclusions. He has proven that with his responses to my concerns.  I trust him and am glad he is watching out for my interests in Upper Dublin. 

Brenda Baxter, Willow Manor: Gary, awesome! Your quick response on my issue astounds me! Thank you! I faithfully read and enjoy the newsletters you publish.  There is a lot of good information that is important to know. I appreciate your efforts at informing us all.  Please keep up the good work.  

Pat Crane, UD Resident: Gary, I have always been impressed by your work ethic and concern for your constituents in Ward 3.

Sean OHalloran, Willow Manor
I support Gary Scarpello’s re-election as Commissioner of Upper Dublin Ward 3. Commissioner Scarpello has shown effective leadership on the major issues facing Ward 3 residents. He has worked with federal, state, and local authorities to force our water providers to address the presence of PFAS in our water supply.   Gary has supported the Board of Commissioner’s plan to stimulate economic growth in the long underperforming Fort Washington Office Park.   He has led efforts to transform the Twining Golf Course into a naturalized parkland which will provide a unique recreational opportunity in Ward 3 for years to come. In addition to his leadership on major issues, which affect all Upper Dublin residents, Gary is a responsive representative on smaller issues important to individual constituents.

Cathy Scarpello, Aidenn Lair: I endorse Gary Scarpello Upper Dublin Commissioner Ward 3 because I see how hard my husband Gary works at this, and how much thought, caring, patience and expertise he brings to being a Commissioner. He will continue to be a great Commissioner for another term, given the chance.

Andy Haggerty, Willow Manor 
Gary thank you for your help relaying my concern with leaves in the street in front of the storm drains on North Hills Ave. to the Public Works Dept. Thank you very much. 

Barry Stein, Aidenn Lair: Gary Scarpello has done an exceptional job as my Commissioner. He’s recognized that connection with his constituents is crucial. He has communicated frequently and clearly through his newsletter and emails whenever there are issues that affect us, such as the closure of Dreshertown Road, Office Park construction, and grants received by Upper Dublin Township. He’s advocated for sensible development and has recognized the need to balance economic benefits with Upper Dublin’s quality of life. He’s taken the lead in raising awareness of the PFAS problem, he has met with Senator Casey and Commonwealth officials, including Governor Wolf, to advocate standards and state oversight, and pressed AQUA for quick remediation. We, in Aidenn Lair, use the AQUA well water, so this directly affects us. On a personal level, I served with Gary on the Upper Dublin Education Advisory Committee and enjoyed working with him, an engaged and productive colleague. I’m pleased to endorse him for another term as Commissioner.

Gary Rosner, Dublin Hunt: I am delighted to endorse Gary Scarpello for re-election as our Upper Dublin Township, Ward 3 Commissioner.  I am a long standing resident of UD and I have seen the many accomplishments and township advantages that Gary Scarpello has helped to bring to fruition. Gary is friendly, easily accessible, and keeps in touch with UDT residents via his regular personalized emails, regardless of your party affiliation. I know Gary is also a long time UD resident, and I believe he represents the best interests for both our current and futureUD residents. I look forward to voting for Gary Scarpello on Tuesday, November 5th.

Bridget & Joe McDade, Aidenn Lair: Thanks for your continued hard work!