Revitalizing the Fort Washington Office Park
Since the 1960s, the Fort Washington Industrial Park as been the life blood of revenue to Upper Dublin. By the 1980s and 1990s the Industrial Park began to decay and with it the strong tax base. As the Industrial Park's tax base declined, the tax burden shifted to the residents. To turn this around, the Upper Dublin Board of Commissioners for the past decade, have invested in moderninzing the infrastructure of the Fort Washington Office Park to attract new businesses. This has started to show significant results with major businesses moving to the Office Park like Toll Brothers and TruMark Financial Credit Union corporate headquarters, and Life Time Fitness. I will continue support the revitalization of Fort Washington and increase the business sector tax base.

School Children Safety
Ensuring our children can safely walk in our township is important to me as a father. In addition to the Crossing Guard at Derry & Kenmare and increasing the School Zone light times in the morning at Jarrettown Elementary School, I have been working to construct a sidewalk from the Dreshertown Plaza to the Jarrettown Elementary School. This will take place in the near future. Children will be able to safely walk to the elementary school from Harris Road and Kirk's Lane. Residents will be able to walk safely to the Dreshertown Plaza from the surrounding neighborhoods. Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School walking saftey is a priority. We want all of our children to have a safe journey to school.

Keep Township Taxes Low
Keeping township taxes low while still providing the first class services residents have become accustomed to will continue to be my priority. Over the the last four years the Upper Dublin Board of Commissioners have kept Upper Dublin taxes low. As the FWOP continues to grow and once again becomes the lion share of the Upper Dublin tax base, residential tax buden will decline.